Julia Lunk's artworks at Trident Cafe and Booksellers August 30th-September 19th 2017

Hello dear patrons of Trident Cafe and Booksellers in Boulder, Colorado!

Below is the list of my works that you can view on the walls of this special place until the 19th of September this year. 

1. Blue, acrylic on paper, 2012  $350
2. Luminous, watercolor, 2012 $450 (let yourselves become luminous, empty vessel to light, to receive.)
3. Autumn, watercolor, 2013 $650 (Autumn was first viewed at the 2013 Naked In Lyons show, and it summarizes many pleasures one must experience, with an emphasis on coming upon unexpectedly delicious ripe fruit and tasting it.)
4. Forever, acrylic on paper, 2009  $550 (Forever,  waiting by your tough thorny unlovingness with the heart as a balloon only to be disfigured and broken upon the awaited unison.)
5. Arrivals, watercolor, 2011  $350 (When we arrive to a moment of not searching for anywhere to get..)
6. Planet Playground III., acrylic on paper, 2013  $550 (Planet playgrounds are all the moments in time where we feel playful and refreshingly simple, a child absorbing beauty with awe.)
7. Dawn, watercolor, 2008 $450 
8. Forager, acrylic on paper, 2014  $350 (Forager is a quietly rushing fox in the alley, feeding on sweet grapes and mystic flowers of self-love.)
9. At The Sea, watercolor, 2009  $450
10. Don't Be Afraid, acrylic on paper, 2011 SOLD (Holding and loving our fear as a bird needing warmth.)
11. Each Seed Is A Miracle, watercolor, 2010 (Seeds to bury, and seeds of encouragement, of trust, of knowledge, of...)
12. We Fly Motionless, watercolor, 2013  $350
13. Clouds, acrylic on paper, 2014  $450
14. Crocheted, acrylic on paper, 2014  $550
15. Moonlit Field, watercolor, 1994-2009 $450

16. Sweet, acrylic on paper, 2014 $450 (One of many inner self-portraits, of growing, of still being alive on this beautiful planet.)